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Why should I buy locations?
The urban exploration scene, especially if you do not have plenty of experienced friends, can be a tough one to find new places to visit. Our selection is the biggest and cheapest instantly available online.

I purchased, now what?
You will receive your coordinates instantly on the site and the email address used during checkout. Bundles require a manual payment verification. It will be delivered by email when this is completed.

I want to trade or sell my own locations!
You can contact us below to trade or sell your own locations.

Are you 100% sure all locations still exist?
We cannot guarantee the availability of any location. We try to keep everything up to date but if we are selling any location that has been renovated or demolished, let us know!

Can I get a refund?
No refunds are given due to the digital nature of our products. If you report a demolished or renovated location you purchased in the last 14 days you are eligible for a free location of choice as compensation.


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